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Skilled Handyman

60+ years combined experience professional handymen.

Best Materials

We use the best quality materials for client projects.

Affordable Price

We offer competitive rates for quality handyman services.

Free Estimates

We provide free online and on-site estimates.  No surprises.

Friendly, Professionals

Our handymen will arrive to your door with necessary equipment and materials for your project.

Satisfaction Guranteed

At IllianaPros, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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    Hire a professional handyman to help take care of your most valuable asset – your home!


    We offer professional interior and exterior painting services.  Fast and efficient.


    We offer furniture assembly and tv mounting service.  You don’t have to lift a finger.


    We help you tackle tasks and repairs for homes and commercial properties.


    We help you maintain the value of your home with our exterior power washing services.


    We remove your junk. Final sweep and walk-through before we leave.


    We have all the right tools and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

    Top Local Handyman Service

    At IllianaPros, our work is backed by our quality craftsmanship and dedication to your satisfaction.


    We find that most people can easily make a list of at least 10 items around their house that they would like to repair or update. Perhaps your “HoneyDew” list has managed to remain a “HoneyDidn’t” list. The Illiana Pros team is happy to help complete even the smallest tasks for you. From tightening kitchen hardware and doorknobs, to rescreening your back door or installing a Wall-Mounted Flat Screen TV, we have you covered

    We are a locally owned and operated company that supports our community. Here at Illiana Pros, our friendly, professionally skilled craftsmen are able to provide personalized end-to-end services, no matter how small the task. We provide exceptional workmanship and site clean-up on a complete range of Whole Home Services and Specialty Services.

    Quality Craftsmanship, superior service and pride in our work is what drives Illiana Pros Handyman Services. Our guarantee is if there is ever an issue or problem, we’ll return and make sure it’s done to your satisfaction in a workman like manner.

    Every homeowner has a list of home repair, maintenance and improvement projects that need to get done — both interior and exterior. But with today’s busy lifestyles, who has the time or patience to do it all yourself? Let Illiana Pros handyman services help your home run more smoothly with a wide range of repair, improvement and remodeling services.

    Deliver quality craftsmanship and service that leads to one or all of the following results:

    1. Reduced frustration over home repair needs and home improvement projects.
    2. Increased enjoyment you have in your home.
    3. Improved functionality of your home.
    4. Improved safety of your home.
    5. Increased efficiency of your home.
    6. Increased value of your home.

    Identify and communicate potential issues/opportunities if and when they exist.

    1. Minimize smaller issues becoming larger, more expensive projects.
    2. Provide information on product partners that may add enjoyment and/or improvement to your home… with no strings attached!

    We do it all


    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Professional Handymen
    • Fair Prices
    • Multiple Services
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Investment Properties
    • Free Estimates
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